Professional Vocal Coaching

Olga’s Music Studio provides a high-quality program, customized according to the needs of the student. From beginners to more experienced performers, Olga's music studio can teach all!

Piano Instruction

On top of vocal coaching, Olga offers piano lessons for all age groups and all levels of practice. Whether you are interested in brushing up on your Chopin, or you have never played a piano in your life, Olga can teach you!

Stage Performance Preperation

Learning to sing or play an instrument is important, but being able to perform your skill is a feat on its own. Olga will help you prepare to be in front of a live audience and teach you the skill necessary to perform your skill in a professional, discrete, manner.

Levels of Lessons

Recreational, Certificational and Competition/Professional and special Vocal Troubleshooting training.

Recreational level: presumes private lessons with the goal to learn and enjoy music and perform for a small family and friends circle.If customer want to keep their or their kids performance private, they should keep this level and avoid any public performances where unauthorised photo or video could be made by public.

Certification level: presumes pareparation for a judged audition  for an evaluation  on non competitive base. This level includes public performances and can not guarantee privacy.

Competition/Professional level: Students  are getting the training strong enough to compete in  applicable contests, local, national and international. The students  who are trained in this level can be payed for some performances. This level might bring a student through an competitive audition into participation in a professional company production on payed or non payed base and a high rank performances such of performance with an orchestra, in a prestigious concert etc.


Customers should clearly point the level of training they want in the Studio Policy where they can state their goals and wishes. They must note that if they chose Certification and Competition/Professional levels, the Studio has right to use the photo and video materials of it's students for advertisement, training and archive.

For customers who wanted to get the most from the training in Olga's Music Studio, the Competition/Professional level should be incdividually customized and written in the Studio Policy.

Advanced students can learn about the teaching process in the studio as well as tutor other students.

Yes, it’s possible! Call for more details.

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